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Short messaging service is exactly what it sounds like. It is a text message sent or received to or from a mobile phone. SMS was introduced in the GSM system and later supported by all other digital-based mobile communications systems all around the world. The text messages are up to 160 characters in English alphabetic and 70 characters in non Arabic alphabetic, and if a phone is out of coverage or turned off, the network holds the message until the phone comes back to service. Using SMS is easy. A person types a message on a phone (some phones have special dictionaries that make typing easier), specifies who is going to get the message, and sends it.

Bulk SMS
Create your groups and save mobile numbers along with names and details. You can send message to any group any time.
Delivery Report

Check delivery report of your messages after sending them.

Ease of use
you can within one minute accomplishes the task of transmission.
Long SMS
Write more then 160 characters in english and 70 in unicode messages.